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A study covering the USA, Canada, Australia and EU countries shows that for the vast majority – 19 of the countries studied – immigrants provide boost to the economy. The report, from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), studied data from before and after the financial crisis and concluded that overall, immigrants are good for the economy of these countries.


Over the past some years, the foreign education system is so much popular in India. Every student has a dream to go foreign to take his/ her higher education. Moreover, foreign institutions to have been wooing these very students through education fairs, seminars and counselling sessions.

This is good news if you’re dreaming of living and working in Australia or getting a US green card. While it’s never certain that hard facts will translate into sensible policies, if you’re looking to migrate you can do it with a clear conscience, knowing that not only are you improving your own education or career prospects, you’re also helping the economy of the country you move to.

Which countries are covered by the report?

The report covers 25 countries with well-developed, Western economies. Of the countries studied, just 6 showed a negative fiscal effect from immigration. Those negatively affected were  Canada, Germany, France, Poland, Ireland and the Slovak Republic. All the other countries studied are richer because of immigration.

Why are immigrants good for the economy?

There are a many reasons why immigrants are good for a society, but this report is only focusing on the financial aspects. The key factors are, therefore, that immigrants tend to:

  • Be of working age and pay taxes
  • Not use as many public services as locals

This is because most immigrants, whether they’re moving to Canada or living and working in Denmark are young professionals. Typically, immigrants move when they are still unmarried and leave their ageing relatives at home. This means that they don’t use the same range of services as locals do, as they largely do not have children in school or elderly relatives in need of care.

As immigrants pay tax on the wages they earn they, like the young workers in the local population, tend to pay in more than they take out in the form of public services. Unlike locals, however, many immigrants return home when they marry or retired, meaning that they pay into a system they don’t fully use. It’s like paying for insurance and never making a claim – a good position to be in.

Are other immigrants good for the economy, too?

The maths is clear and it’s easy to argue that young workers, particularly educated professionals, are good for an economy. This is what the report focuses on. However, at Falcon, we’ve got years of experience as visa consultants and we believe that immigrants of all ages and abilities can be good for the economy of their new country.

Established professionals bring their years of experience and wisdom to bear, allowing new countries to benefit from excellence achieved elsewhere. Families raise their children to be a bridge between two cultures, strengthening ties and improving each country’s links to the global economy. Falcon is India’s Most Eminent Visas and Immigration Consultant, who offer Immigration to Canada, German Job Seeker Visa, Australia Immigration. We undertake visa process for work visa, tourist visa, business, Schengen visa & other visas for the quick migration process.

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