Courses in Australia

Australia has emerged as a popular destination for higher education because of its strong educational infrastructure, a high quality of life, and relatively low expenses.

Australia has both government and private Universities that offer programs called “Under Graduate”, and after graduation courses called “Graduate Programs or Post Graduate Programs”.

The most popular courses of study for international students have been in the fields of Business, Administration and Economics, followed by Science, Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences.

In general the time duration of a Graduate Certificates =6 months, Master=1 year, Master Honors=1½ year, Doctorate= 2 years. However these degrees are not measured by time but by subjects/ courses taken, therefore depending on how many subjects courses they do per semester, it may impact and the time takes to complete them.

Most of these post graduate courses however, do have a time limit to complete.



  • Bachelor Degree
  • Bachelor Degree (with Honors)
  • Undergraduate Diplomas
  • Associate Diplomas


  • Masters Degrees
  • Doctoral Degrees
  • Graduate Diplomas
  • Graduate Certificates