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Living together after marriage is something most husbands and wives take for granted but for those born in different countries; it is a privilege which is not always easily gained.
If your chosen country of residence does not allow automatic access (such as many places in the EU for example) then in order to set up home together you will need to apply for a spouse visa.


Over the past some years, the foreign education system is so much popular in India. Every student has a dream to go foreign to take his/ her higher education. Moreover, foreign institutions to have been wooing these very students through education fairs, seminars and counselling sessions.


What is Spouse Visa ?

spouse visa is a type of permit which typically grants the right to reside, but often comes with a long list of conditions which must be met in advance. Unfortunately, simply being married often isn’t sufficient to qualify for a spouse visa.
The first concern for many countries before agreeing to issue a spouse visa is whether the relationship is legitimate or whether it is just a front to help someone enter the country. You may therefore be required to provide proof that you are indeed a ‘real’ couple, including attending interviews, before the spouse visa is granted.

Although the country you want to live in will provide you with a list of necessary documents there are some extra steps you can take to help increase your chances of getting the spouse visa application agreed. This includes providing extra evidence of your relationship; this might include items such as a telephone bill showing regular telephone calls between you over an extended period of time. Such evidence by itself will not be compelling enough to get the spouse visa automatically granted but it will help form part of an overall picture which will show your cause is genuine.

Spouse Visa requirements:

Although determining the nature of your relationship may be a primary concern, there may also be additional conditions. For example, a spouse visa may not be granted unless you are earning a certain level of income and have sustained this for a period of time, often around six months.
The financial requirements to qualify to sponsor a spouse visa may increase further if you have children or other dependents.
There may also be requirements for the foreign spouse such as being able to speak the native language to an acceptable level. This could require the individual to sit a formal test to prove this.
Once granted, a spouse visa is usually not permanent but can be extended. There is usually a limit on the number of times extension can be granted but after this the right to reside permanently can be requested, followed later by naturalization if so desired.

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