Checklist for Canada


  • All Academics with degree certificates (Notarized)
  • Current Passport or any previous passports Full Notarized
  • Any gap between Studies -provide evidence
  • Gap after Studies
  • All Work Exp./ Appointment LETTER with full Contact Details / Salary Slips/ Salary Statement/ Company Documents(Registrations/ existing/ establishment of company)
  • ITR with computation chart
  • Family details(parents: DOB, Occupation, address/Siblings name: DOB, Occupation, address ) if deceased then deceased date and place
  • Any previous Visa history (travel dates)
  • Affidavit by Student
  • Different Name affidavit if Any
  • Notarized Ielts
  • Statement Of Purpose as per University Requirement (In Student Hand writing)
  • Digital Photo
  • Letter of acceptance
  • GIC Certificate
  • Tuition fee receipt

Financial Sponsors Sponsor

  • Bank Statements with Bank sign & Stamp as per University requirement
  • Bank Balance Certificate With Bank sign & Stamp
  • Colored FD Copy/ Covering Letter with Bank Sing & Stamp
  • Support Affidavit
  • Colored ID Proofs- Adhar ID/Pan Card
  • Income Tax Returns/ Computation Chart/ Form 16
  • Job or Business Proof- Registrations/Current Account/Employment letter/ Salary Slips/bank salary Statement/ Visiting Card
  • Agriculture Income Certificate/ Jamabandi Punjabi+ English/ Lease
  • Different Name affidavit if Any